April 28, 2010

Design Mode

One of the criticisms of Qlikview that I have heard raised is that there is no design mode - in other words the same environment is used to design models and to use them.

However, QV does have a design mode - of sorts. I didn't know this until recently and stmbled across this indirectly in another blog (sorry, can't remember whose).

To activate design mode, turn on the design grid. On the menu click View | Design Grid or press Ctrl-G to toggle on and off.

OK, so what do I get in this design mode, apart from the grid of course? Well, now I have sizing/moving handles on sheet objects, and some additional context menu items (z-ordering sheet objects, column width aids, interactive sorting and indivdual cell properties)

I said "of sorts" above because it is not a pure design mode like other applications. You can still interact with the model as a normal user, mixed up with the design stuff.

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